Appam and Karimeen Mappas

Type:   Main Course
Appam and karimeen curry

Ask anybody from Kottayam what their favourite dish is from back home and they will swear by appam and Karimeen Mappas! I think it’s justified for them to do so because appam is just something that seems to be a revolution in the food world. It is a rice pancake with a soft and thick centre and a crispy, paper thin outside. No matter what you eat it with, appam will increase that dish’s taste value beyond hundred! However, it is usually paired with a southern style Karimeen Mappas. Freshwater Pearlspot (Karimeen) is a big delicacy in Kerala. Karimeen is traditionally prepared in a few popular ways in Kerala like Karimeen Mappas, Karimeen Polichathu, Karimeen Paalu Curry and so on. Fresh Karimeen caught from the backwaters of Vembanad and that is the secret behind the taste.