Registration Department is one of the oldest departments in the State. It touches citizens at all levels at some time or other. The main objective of law of Registration is to provide a conclusive proof of genuineness of documents; affords publicity to transaction; prevent fraud; enables facility for ascertaining whether a property has already been transacted; ensures security of title deeds and facility of providing titles, in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed. Registration law governs documents rather than transactions. Registration department is one of the largest source of revenue to the State exchequer.


There are 23 Sub Registrar Offices in Kottayam District.


List of Officers in Kottayam(PDF 3.39 MB)


  1. Document Registration
  2. Encumbrance Certificate
  3. Certified Copy
  4. Chitty Registration
  5. Marriage Registration
  6. Society Registration

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