Services provided to the public through local bodies

The services provided to the public through local governments in Kerala are available through


  •  Birth Certificate & Death Certificate – Any person can take necessary information from the Registrar of Birth & Death Registration from 1970 to all local bodies in Kottayam District.
  •  Marriage (Hindu/ Common) Certificate – Hindu Marriages From 1970, Common Marriages from 2008 and Public Information can provide information from here.
  •   Ownership Certificate – Anyone without tax dues can also provide the ownership certificate of his building for any particular purpose.


  • Property Tax (Building Tax) – Facilities for payment of property tax through e-payment of entire Grama Panchayats in Kottayam district


  • Marriage Registration (Common) – Application for registering common marriage can be submitted to the people at the Local Self Government Institutions through e-file.
  • Name Addition (Birth Certificate)- The name of the children not named in the Birth Certificate is given to people through e-filing.
  • Building Permits – Submission of application and issue of permits after approval.


  • Annual Schemes – This is provided by the local governing body for the purpose of implementing the scheme for implementation of the scheme in each phase of the institute upto 2012-2013 to the current year.
  • Social Welfare Pension – Any information regarding Social Security Pensions.
  • The complaint Redressal (For the People) system help to submit complaint about the LSG’s and track the status of submitted complaint through portal
  • FILE INFORMATION – This information is available to the public at the local level as per the provisions of the application submitted to local bodies for their various purposes. SMS facility is available in the entire gramapanchayat in Kottayam district. As well as providing information services.
  • Gram Sabha Portal – It is possible to provide recommendations to the Gram Sabha for the public in their ward.
  • Committee Meeting Decisions – The decisions made by the panchayat committee is visible to the public through the portal.
  • The public will be able to know the tenders and e-tenders published from tender, e-tender and undertakings.